He’s a strong believer in checking your numbers.  He really helps his clients to see beyond the pretty kitchen. 

Giovanni and Sylvia Bitelli

He really tried to figure out what we wanted. 

Marcus Bowcott and Helene Aspinall

I recommend him to all of my friends.

Deb and David Cottrell

He’s very trustworthy.  We didn’t even think of going with anyone else because we like him. 

John Willett and Penny Gibbs

He got quite a lot of interest up before anyone was allowed to see the house. 

Jackie Frioud and Mark Jarvis

I think his service was great, right to the time we moved out.  He’s very organized.  He doesn’t jump the gun. 

David and Deb Cottrell

His business plan shows you how hard working he is.  I have recommended him to other people.  That’s the best advertising you can get. 

Wendy Still

If we ever have to sell our house again, we would certainly contact Richard.  He really just bent over backwards.  He was always so encouraging.  We saw so much of him.  He’d pop by.  He did many opens for us. 

Liza and Malcolm Pitches

His understanding of human nature is excellent. 

Wendy Still

Richard certainly knew his stuff.  He knew the area and I was impressed with his knowledge of what was going on in the real estate business in North Vancouver.  He knew what he was talking about.

Don McAdam

We were very happy with the price we got when we sold our lot.  I never felt pressured as any time to change my price or accept a different offer.  He’s wonderful.

Jackie Frioud and Mark Jarvis

Richard does his homework.  We just didn’t want a high-powered, pushy type you know, somebody you feel comfortable with.  We just felt really comfortable with him. He’s a great guy. 

Malcolm and Liza Pitches.

He’s very good at creating market demand.  He doesn’t just release the property.  He builds up the expectations of people. 

David and Deb Cottrell

The thing I like most about him is that I never feel he’s trying to pull anything over on me.  I feel like he’s really working for us.  I like the way he deals with other realtors.  He’s really business-like, really fair.  He seems to be able to see all sides of the issue. 

Jackie Frioud and Mark Jarvis

Richard is professional, knows his stuff, listens to the client and yet has the ability to help clients make the right decision. He never pressures, but he’s able to show the way.

Giovanni and Sylvia Bitelli